Residents of Alaska value a quality fence which is both durable and has curb appeal. A Mt. McKinley Fence increases your property value and helps keep your home safe. When you call on us, you can rest assured that our professional team will install an outstanding product that’s a cut above and will last for years to come.

Shadowbox fencing offers the same attractive appearance to both you and your neighbor and are often referred to as “good neighbor” fences. This style of fence involves attaching boards to either side of the support beams in an alternating pattern to create an identical look on both sides of the fence. They provide the same level of screening as a privacy fence when viewed straight on but allow some visibility when viewed from other angles. Along those lines, they also provide greater passage of airflow for areas with high winds as opposed to true privacy fences. Shadowbox fences are typically built at heights of 6′ or less.

Privacy fencing is constructed with minimal spacing between cedar boards to reduce visibility and provide security or seclusion. A benefit of this type of fencing is that it can help reduce noise more than other styles. They are typically constructed 4′-8′ in height.
Flat Top with a Cap is an upgraded version of privacy fencing. It is more decorative and is designed to help withstand high winds.
Privacy Link fencing is a type of chain link fence with heavy-duty slats of HDPE woven into it. The slats and chain link come in a variety of colors. For more information, see our distributor’s website: (Click Here)
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Split rail fencing delineates boundaries without blocking views. For more information on upgraded custom steel posts for wood fencing (PostMaster), please see our distributor’s website:
(Click Here)
Ornamental iron is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, falling trees, children at play, and wildlife. Iron fencing will provide you with years of maintenance free protection with elegant look.
Chain link fencing is optimal in many ways. It is built with longevity in mind, constructed of high quality galvanized steel, and provides security with minimal wind resistance. Our chain link also comes in a variety of colors: brown, black, and green. For more information, see our distributor’s website: (Click Here)